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The Swartberg Experience

The Swartberg Mountain Pass is a renowned UNESCO word heritage site and is the highest rated mountain pass in Africa. Swartberg Experience specialise in fully guided tours of the Swartberg Mountain and traditional Karoo cuisine prepared on an open fire at our Kobus se Gat Restaurant. Our restaurant will match any man’s hunger with a hearty South African meal.

A warm welcome from our Swartberg Experience team.

Welcome to Kobus se Gat, the ultimate destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. We are a team of passionate individuals dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences for our visitors, while preserving the natural beauty of our surroundings.

At Kobus se Gat, we take pride in being a green establishment that operates off the grid. Our restaurant serves delicious meals, with the majority of our ingredients sourced from our own gardens. We are committed to using sustainable practices and reducing our carbon footprint in everything we do.

At Kobus se Gat, we believe in sustainable tourism and responsible stewardship of the environment. Our team is committed to minimizing our impact on the natural world, while providing our guests with a first-class experience.

So why wait? Book your stay and tour at Kobus se Gat today and experience the beauty of the Swartberg and Oudtshoorn like never before. We look forward to welcoming you!

Swartberg Experience


Kobus se Gat is located in the heart of the breathtaking Swartberg region, near Oudtshoorn in the Western Cape. Our facilities include comfortable accommodation, a traditional veldt restaurant, and a wide range of outdoor activities.

What we offer

Swartberg Experience

Swartberg Pass Tours

Enjoy a Swartberg Tour with a traditional lunch or a Swartberg sunset tour with dinner.

Both tours are approx. 3 hours.

Swartberg Experience - Mountain Bike Downhill

Mountain Bike Downhill

Cycle from the top of the Swartberg to Kobus se Gat restaurant.

Duration: 3 hours (transport included)

Swartberg Experience - E-Bikes


Discover the Swartberg and its surroundings by E-bike. Choose between a full-day (8 hours) or half-day (4 hours) excursion.

Swartberg Experience - Mountain Bike Rentals

Mountain Bike Rentals

Rent a bike and enjoy the scenic valley & mountain views by bike.

Full-day (8 hours) or half-day (4 hours)


Kobus se Gat, our traditional veld restaurant is well known for our “Roosterkoek” and also offers an authentic South African Karoo cuisine.

Open daily from 08:00 – 17:00

Swartberg Accommodation


Luxury family cottage with 2 bedrooms, 2 on suite bathrooms, kitchen and indoor braai facilities.

Our Reviews

Food with a View

A delightfully colourful host, Babooti spring rolls a must and the view from the restaurant is worth the trip. Definitely a must for anyone who loves good food.

Must stop to enjoy the great taste of Kobus se gat famous roosterbrood

Great place to stop before travel over the Swartberg pass.
Excellent venue that makes you feel welcome and warm.
The menu are great but the best are the tasty “roosterbrood” with al the varies filling together with nice coffee or something for the more thirsty. A must stop for the one who enjoy to travel.

Really Rad Roosterkoek!

Arrive hungry! Portions are HUGE. You place your order at the counter and it’s delivered to your table. Staff are very chatty and friendly. Food is super-tasty and amazing value for money. You won’t eat again the same day! We had 3 different versions of the “roosterkoek” and were delighted with the creative touches to the fillings.

A must-stop on the Swartberg Pass

Before you go on the pass or just after you come down: Just stop at Kobus. The “Roosterkoek” is the best, the coffee is good and the views are just stunning. We never have driven past this place, it just invites us to have a break whenever we are there.