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Kobus se Gat Restaurant

Welcome to Kobus se Gat Veldt Restaurant, located at the foothills of the majestic Swartberg Pass. Our restaurant is a unique and sustainable dining experience, offering delicious farm-to-table meals that are served with a conscience.

At Kobus se Gat Veldt, we are proud to be green off the grid, harnessing solar power and rainwater harvesting to operate our restaurant in an environmentally-friendly way. We have a deep commitment to sustainability and minimizing our ecological footprint, and we strive to create a dining experience that aligns with these values.

Kobus se Gat Restaurant

Our Menu

Our menu is centered around fresh and locally-sourced ingredients, with many of our dishes featuring traditional Karoo cuisine. We believe in celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the region and showcasing the unique flavors and ingredients that make this cuisine so special.

From hearty stews and roasts to delicious Roosterkoek, our menu features a range of traditional Karoo dishes that are sure to satisfy your appetite and transport you to a bygone era. And, of course, many of these dishes are made with ingredients grown in our own gardens, ensuring the freshest and most flavorful dining experience possible.

Beautiful views

With stunning views of the Swartberg Pass and a warm and welcoming atmosphere, Kobus se Gat Veldt is the perfect place to enjoy a memorable meal with friends and family. We invite you to join us and experience our unique and sustainable approach to dining in one of the most beautiful settings in South Africa.